Saturday, January 14, 2006

Oooooohhh, Lordy!

Did Brother Loki stir him up some shit, or what?

The Fucktardian Contingent at is all a-twitter, thinking your humble blogger is Low-rent her self.

Nah. Low-rent-a would never be able to get past her tendency to spout Stuart Smalley-esque cliches about her own genius and value as a person to write something here, nor would she admit that the Fucktardian Contingent is pretty damned hilarious in their gleeful dissections of her oft-daily bloviations.

Mind you, Fucktardians -- check the source code for my page. You will see only sitemeter, and a free version at that. The free version of sitemeter does not give me full IP addresses, therefore I can't map with any accuracy who you are. If I had a statcounter, yes, but you can see that I don't.

Now, this must be said, and clarified -- I would never flatter Ms. Dillon/Smith/Serrano/Stupidhead by devoting an entire blog to her windy-ass self. No offense to the Fucktardian contingent at, either -- some of you are obviously much more motivated in that direction than I am. No, this blog is to be about blogospheric drama in general, but I must admit -- the Misfits vs. the Fucktardian Contingent inspired the idea as a whole, so there Brother Loki doffs his hat to the ladeez and gives y'all MAD PROPZ.

I tried to be objective, but Loki loves the underdog. In this case, Loretta Dillon/Smith/Serrano/Loser's very self-presentation is based in what is actually a conceit, that she is the "underdog," the "misfit." Truth is, she builds her little clique of yammering hens and the occasional clucking paranoid conspiracy-theorist rooster and the moment one of them doesn't pop up the obligatory golden egg of love for the Queen's genius of the day, they become what I think of as the REAL misfits.

Loki is in the blog-world enough that he gets sick of this schoolyard shit, and he can also spot the real bully a mile away. Once we're all grown up, the real bully is most often the one whining the loudest and screaming that everyone else is the bully. That would be Dr. N-buster, herself.

Let me get one other thing outta the way, because I have to agree with the Fucktardian Contingent about this -- being a small-minded little pinheaded sort of sociopath herself, loving all attention, whether negative or not, Loretta reads anything and everything negative she can find, because da queen can't abide the idea that someone might be out there not liking her or believing she's the towering genius she decided she was long ago to deal with her reality. Normal people don't do that shit -- they avoid reading the most ugly criticism and just do their own thing, regardless. So I know Retzq is reading. I don't understand it, but hey.

I'm just having fun. Look for an entry when I have the time about Retzq on the Usenet. Damn, the woman really gets her whack on out there.

A reminder -- e-mail me if you know of similar feuds between blogging-type peoples, or blogging gadflies and blowflies like Blow-retter. loki.lightbringer(AT) Know this -- until I have an idea of who you be (as opposed to who you say you are), I will respond to e-mails from a masked account, though I will open your message in the gmail box. A brother can't be too cautious when he's out there tweaking noses.